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Some people think they need to be a collector in order to have valuable personal items. But many of the valuable things you own are limited by a dollar amount if they are lost or stolen. Are you covered?

The last thing you want to think about is your personal property being stolen or damaged. But you should consider the fact that most homeowner, condominium unit owner, mobile homeowner or renter policies don’t necessarily cover personal property that is of considerable monetary or sentimental value. Items like jewelry may only be covered up to $1,000 in the event it is stolen.

Dollar limitations typically apply in the event of a theft, and in some cases, any type of loss.

Coverage is typically limited to only certain named perils such as fire, wind or theft. And coverage away from premises may also be limited.

We can provide just what you need to make sure you have the right protection. You can rest a little easier when you think about the safety of important things you own.

Don’t wait until you have had a lost to find out there is a gap in your coverage. We protect what you value most.

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