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Flood Insurance

Since Hurricane Katrina, most people are aware that homeowner policies do not cover loss or damage to property as the result of a flood. What most people don’t know is that everyone lives in a flood zone. You do not need to live near water to be flooded. A flood can be caused by storms, surface water back-up due to inadequate or overloaded external drainage systems, by melting snow, or by changing weather patterns, coupled with new development and landscape changes.

Every year, floods damage more homes in the U.S. than any other natural disaster. You can protect your home, belongings, or business with a flood policy. Renters, condominium or mobile home owners can also purchase flood insurance.

Disaster assistance is only available if the President of the United States declares a disaster, and more than 90% of all disasters are not Presidentially declared. Most federal disaster assistance is a loan, and must be repaid.

Flood insurance is easy to obtain. It doesn’t matter whether your flood risk is high, medium, or low, you can obtain flood insurance as long as your community participates in the federally sponsored National Flood Insurance Program, and you can even buy flood insurance with a credit card.

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