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Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Enjoy being out on the water on a beautiful Carolina Day? One of the wonderful things about our proximity to the coastal waters is the use and ownership of a boat or personal watercraft. Your job is making the most of your boating experience. Our job is making sure you have the right insurance coverage in the event that everything doesn’t go as planned.

First and foremost, we are interested in the safety of you and your loved ones when you are on the water. Whether you are enjoying a leisurely day of fishing, teaching your family to water ski, or enjoying the exhilaration of a personal watercraft, you are ready for whatever comes your way.

Boat ownership comes with some unique insurance needs. We can design a policy that covers your boat as well as the equipment that goes with it. And, if you have a breakdown on the way to the lake, beach or other waterway, we can help with that, too with towing or roadside service.

Talk with an experienced agent who is an expert in the coastal market about a policy that fits your needs. Call us today to get your policy started before you head to the water. Then relax and enjoy your boating experience!

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