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Auto Insurance

While auto insurance is also considered “Personal” insurance, we specialize in insuring automobiles and motorcycles. Along with autos, we have specialty markets for the power sports group—boats, personal watercraft and motor homes.

Many companies offer competitive rates for automobile insurance, and so do we. In many cases, we are also able to offer discounts. Along with our good rates, we offer many family friendly policy features that are very affordable, like accident forgiveness and roadside assistance. We can customize a policy to suit your needs AND your budget. We even have markets for classic autos and inexperienced operators.

The very best thing about our auto policies is our team of agents who are always ready to listen to you and help you in your current situation. The economy hasn’t been good. We know it and we do everything we can to get the best policy you can afford. Call our office or stop by one of our convenient locations for a free quote today.

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